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    Xbox One will get its time in the spotlight at a pre-Gamescom Showcase Event in Germany on August 20.

    Microsoft will host the event at at the Dock One in Cologne, where Xbox execs Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison will lead proceedings, reports Polygon.

    No time slot was mentioned, but it was previously indicated to CVG that the firm will host a one-hour show.

    The media briefing will be the first of its kind that Microsoft has held in Gamescom's history - and is another signal of its dedication to attain a better foothold in Europe.

    In May, CVG was told by Sony sources that both companies are targeting Europe as a heightened priority region - in many ways more important than Japan - as part of the race to increase marketshare.

    Microsoft has confirmed an Xbox One release date window of November, but is yet to divulge region-specific launch plans beyond that.

    Keen gamers will be hoping to get a clearer picture of the firm's launch plans, including a definitive launch-day software line-up, and further clarification of Xbox One policies, specifically regarding used games and self-publishing, following its recent changes in those areas.

    Microsoft's Showcase Event will fall on the same day as Sony's, which will take place at the Saatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne from 7pm CET (6pm UK), MCV reported today.

    Gamescom runs from August 21-25 in Cologne, Germany.

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