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    Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin has taken a tip from Battlefield's Twitter strategy and released a short grainy video teasing a new feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

    The six-second teaser clip appears to show a menu screen that looks much like a menu of the Call of Duty series, and clearly shows a 'Squads' menu screen.

    There are two visible sub-menu options on the screen, one a simple 'Options' and the other reading 'Online Play'. A third option is blurred out.

    The developer is yet to reveal a co-op mode for Ghosts, and 'Squads' could be the replacement to the Modern Warfare series' Spec-Ops mode, which allowed two players to co-operate in small sub-missions.

    Infinity Ward studio community coordinator Candice Capen has previously told fans that Ghosts will "have a cooperative mode of sort" after rumours that the long-standing Spec-Ops mode had been scrapped.

    While no further information was teased today, the appearance of a Squads mode would suggest co-operative gameplay in similar manner to Spec-Ops mode but with more than two players.

    Rubin said in July that CoD fans should look forward to a multiplayer reveal in "mid-August" - suggesting a possible Gamescom reveal - when we will likely hear more on Squads as well as competitive multiplayer.

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