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    ordo ab chao


    My nickname is stickbitch because one day during freshman year at highschool(last year) I ripped a person's apple tree(verysmall) out of the ground and took it to school to make it a cane. It took me three weeks in shop class to make a cane out of it and nobody cared about me having a 6 foot tree/stick at school, until it was a cane. once it was a cane the police officer took it up and while I went to get it back some of the local trolls yelled out "Stiiick Biiiiiitcccch" and the nickname stuck, so now I have a burning hatred for my school for only giving a fuck when my 6 foot tree was a 3 foot cane

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    sounds dumb ME gusta LOL

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    The Devil wrote:sounds dumb ME gusta LOL


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