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    What you will need:

    1-Ram Dump of a Game
    3-A Code To Subroutine
    4-Some basic mips knowledge

    STEP 1. make a ramdump. how? go to the game your making the sub for open up your pr and press ramdump slot0 or if you have already made a ramdump in slot 0 slot 1,2,3 ect.

    STEP 2. open ps2dis then open your ram dump your will get a message like this:

    Load From 00000000
    Address From 00000000

    change address from to 08800000 or greater

    STEP 3. Find a zone with a lot of nops all lined up.Pick one of them to start your code.


    -lui t0 $first half of address REAL
    -lui t1 $first half of value
    -addiu t1 t1 $second half of value
    -sw t1 $second half of address(t0)
    -jr ra

    STEP 4. click your nop and then go to command and change the command
    for "nop" to "lui t0 $" after the $ put in the first half of your address
    in real addressing. how do you find the real address? simply add 08800000
    to your address then you have the real address (this can be done with a hex calculator)

    STEP 5. go one line below your "lui t0 $" (it should be another nop)
    double click it and then change the command to "lui t1$" after the $
    add the first half of your value. example 0x08800000 0x"1234"4321
    1234 is the first half of my hacked value.

    STEP 6. just put the the second half of your hacked value after the
    $ sign addui t1 t1 $

    example 0x08800000 0x1234"4321" 4321 is my second half

    STEP 7. sw t1 $ (t0) put the second half of your address after the
    $ sign (dont for forget to put the "(t0)" after the second half of your

    STEP 8. this is your last line. just change the command from nop to
    jr ra and your done. all your need is a hook.

    STEP 9. Finding a hook. all you have to do to find a hook is go to the
    game your making your sub for. search exact value 0x03E00008
    take a ton of address's and edit them all if the address freezes that means
    it's your hook.

    STEP 10. finding your hook value. this is very simple all you have to do is
    this. go to a random address. then change the command from nop to
    "J $" then just typ in the first address of your sub after the $
    (make sure its in fake adressing)

    STEP 11. just click on every address you edited. and copy and paste
    all the address and values in to note pad (make sure there in the right order)

    STEP 12. your address will still be in real addressing so just subtract
    08800000 from each address and add the 0x in front of them.

    STEP 13. THE FINAL STEP. put the code in to your pr and enjoy

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    Nice tut, so this basically makes a long code one line and so fourth?

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    What's the difference between a normal code (fake adress) and his soubroutine?

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