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Legends of Medal of honor:Heores 2.. Never forgotten RiP in piece

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    Aimbot v3 [superman]
    054A91C8 42000000
    054C2284 3F800000
    054A539C 01000000
    054A4D18 7FFFFFFF
    054A4D88 7FFFFFFF
    054A4CA8 7FFFFFFF
    054A4C38 7FFFFFFF
    054A4AE8 01000000
    054A62F8 01000000
    054A6368 BF800000
    054A63D8 BF800000
    054A64B8 7FFFFFFF
    054A6528 7FFFFFFF
    054A6598 00000000
    054A6608 00000000
    054A6678 00000001
    054A6138 7FFFFFFF
    054A61A8 7FFFFFFF
    054A6988 01000000
    054A7398 7FFFFFFF
    054A91C8 40200000

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