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    Post: #1on Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:54 pm




    1. go to your psp home

    2. go to time & date and make your time and date into the FUTURE then go into FTB2.

    3. Fast log in.

    4. At the User agreement, go and hit currupt PSID (in PRX) for 30 seconds.

    * Then hit Accept and the Blue Message will pop up and it will say you only hav to wait only 1 day, not as long as it should be shorter))

    For people who dont know how to do it right...

    #Unban v1
    0x00148253 0x34080000
    0x004F2C2C 0x00000000
    0x004F2C30 0x00000000
    0x002482F6 0x00000000


    turn all other codes off. highlight this one white.

    Set to hz 15

    turn on at the accept screen

    hit accept

    it will freeze your psp. but dnt worry it makes your ban only 1 day.

    Again, if it doesnt work for you its not my fault. your just doing something wrong.


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    Lol cheating the system xD nice.

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    Show this to noobs who always complain that they are banned ;p

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