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    The FBI believes that the homeless man they arrested on Thursday was
    "Commander X", a member of the People's Liberation Front (PLF)
    associated with Anonymous hacktivism.

    The logs maintained by HideMyAss.com, in
    addition to other evidence, has led to the arrest of another Lulz Sec
    member in Arizona, The Tech Herald has learned. Cody Kretsinger, 23,
    allegedly used the anonymity service during his role in the attack on
    Sony Pictures.

    According to HideMyAss.com, “…services such as ours do not exist to
    hide people from illegal activity. We will cooperate with law
    enforcement agencies if it has become evident that your account has
    been used for illegal activities.
    service stores logs for 30-days when it comes to Website proxy
    services, and they store the connecting IP address, as well as time
    stamps for those using the VPN offerings.
    Emails seeking comment
    on HideMyAss.com’s level of cooperation with the FBI, as well as to
    confirm what information was made available, were not returned.

    According to a CBS News report, "Commander X" told their reporter that
    he had no fear about being caught:"We're not going to turn ourselves in.
    They can come and get us is what I say. Bring it on. Until then, we
    run... We will remain free and at liberty and at large for as long as we
    can, and when the time comes that each and every one of us eventually
    will be brought to justice, we will hold our head high in any court of
    law and we will defend our actions."

    He faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison if convicted.
    Government prosecutors want him moved to Los Angeles, where Sony
    Pictures' computer system is located and where the case against him has
    been filed.


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