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    Indie developers wishing to make games on Xbox One are likely to have full access to the console's RAM and features, contrary to suggestions otherwise.

    That's according to Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, who took to Twitter on Thursday night to address concerns from independent developers.

    When asked whether indies would get access to the bigger pool of RAM or simply the 3GB in the console's Windows partition, Spencer replied: "Goal is to allow devs access to full pool of resources available, no indie RAM limit."

    Spencer also discussed how indie games can be 'discovered' on Xbox One, an issue many indies have expressed concern with.

    "We are committed to creating a search tools and marketplace pivots to allow you to find games you'll like," he responded when taking questions on Twitter.

    "More details to come. Likely pivot is 'Most Popular' giving you a view of what people are buying regardless of how it is published."

    After another Twitter user then suggested the next step was to keep single-player games offline and keep the cloud for multiplayer games only, Spencer defended single-player cloud processing.

    He tweeted: "Cloud for multiplayer only modes is a mistake, can have dramatic impact to single player campaigns. Give creators the tools, they'll decide. Leaderboards, ghosts etc. are features that come from a connection. Not required features but can make single player better."

    On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed its indie self-publishing policies. As part of a wider plan, each retail Xbox One console will also double as a development kit for games developers.

    In response, a number of indie developers said they remain cautious about Xbox One self-publishing, saying more details would have to be known before they could commit to releasing games on the system.

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