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    This was a quick little template to help people convert real format codes to fake format on their PC. I'm no good hacker but I just post stuff that might be helpful to others. I originally posted this on another site so here Is the full post:

    This Is what I memorized and put It In a Template for people to use If they like.

    0x08800000 - 88=00

    0x08900000 - 89=01

    0x08A00000 - 8A=02

    0x08B00000 - 8B=03

    0x08C00000 - 8C=04

    0x08D00000 - 8D=05

    0x08E00000 - 8E=06

    0x08F00000 - 8F=07

    0x09000000 - 90=08

    0x09100000 - 91=09

    0x09200000 - 92=0A

    0x09300000 - 93=0B

    0x09400000 - 94=0C

    0x09500000 - 95=0D

    0x09600000 - 96=0E

    0x09700000 - 97=0F

    0x09800000 - 98=10

    0x09900000 - 99=11

    0x09A00000 - 9A=12

    0x09B00000 - 9B=13

    0x09C00000 - 9C=14

    0x09D00000 - 9D=15

    0x09E00000 - 9E=16

    0x09F00000 - 9F=17

    Hope this Helps you with converting Real Addressing to Fake Addressing or Fake Addressing to Real Addressing Its quite simple and straight forward. Most codes can be converted easily by hand without help from a program anyway.

    Actually this Is for code conversion Such as changing a code of Real format to Fake format by hand without using a system or program on your computer.

    Like this:

    Codes Below Consist of TempAR --> NitePR

    _C0 Denam

    _M 0x08AD84B4

    _M 0x08AD84B8

    _M 0x08AD84D8

    _M 0x08AD84DC

    _M 0x08AD84E0

    _M 0x08AD84E4

    To this:

    _C0 Denam

    _M 0x002D84B4

    _M 0x002D84B8

    _M 0x002D84D8

    _M 0x002D84DC

    _M 0x002D84E0

    _M 0x002D84E4

    Then this:








    Real Format Is also a must for mips and other programming languages, because when Implementing a address Into your subroutine for mips you will need to put that address In real addressing.

    Here's a Example for my controller address:


    0x00003500 0x3C0808E8

    0x00003504 0x8D088310


    0x00003500 <-- Patch of Zeros In Fake Addressing| 0x3C08 <-- mips command lui register t0| 08E8 <-- Upper controller Address In real addressing

    0x00003504 <-- Patch of Zeros In Fake Addressing| 0x8D08 <-- mips command lw register t0| 8310 <-- Lower controller Address In real addressing

    Now the controller address In fake addressing is this:


    And the controller address In real addressing is this:


    Now the reason in the example why the first half of the controller address Is 08E8 Is because If the second half of the address Is greater than or equal to 0x8000 then you need to add 1 to the first half. Which means we will add one to the 7 In 08E7 to make It Greater.

    Hope I helped anyone somewhat. smile for you baby


    I found in OHG by Random Guy.
    I dont like to make my own guide so here it is.


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    Still Dont understand how this Works =(

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    there is a hex calculator on darkfrost v4 lol darkfrost is the best thing to use for coding Laughing

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    Squeeb wrote:mabey you could get ahold of a hex calculator link it to this post and explain what they need to do so they can understand it better
    Absolutely Right , but if u dont want to Brain that fine =(

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