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    Working hook in a min.

    Recomend a cheatdevice where you can edit search settings.

    Set it to 0x004F0000 - 0x00500000

    Find Exact Value
    Search 0x03E00008 (jr ra)

    Yes their will be more then 100 add the last 5 results

    Put their value all zeros "00000000" (NOP)

    Don forget to write down the 5 addresses

    Turn each 1 at a time the one that freezes is your working hook.

    Hope this works for you Smile

    Findind a working hook
    Created by: FoodFx

    Post: #2on Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:56 pm




    cool =O. never seen this before..

    run yay run2 tr0lll

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