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    I teach two ways. Exact Value Search and 32-Bit search when Exact Value Search fails.

    Exact Value Search

    1. As many games use this "20/120" to show ammo can do this.

    2. Go to Exact value search and put 00000020 in Value Dec not hex value. If you did it right in hex value should be 00000014

    3. Now search and let it finish go back to game shoot once so ammo looks like this "19/120" now go back to Exact value and but 00000019 in value Dec.

    4. Keep doing this until you get a low amount of codes.


    - If you try all codes and does not give you infinite ammo go on to try next method.

    - If you do find it possiby DMA so unDMA it

    32-bit Search

    1. Start a 32-bit search

    2. Lose ammo search 3=less

    3. Gain ammo search 2=Greater to full ammo

    4. Lose ammo don't search 3=Less gain ammo back to full and search 0=same

    5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you get a few results try each till you find Infinite Ammo


    -Possibly DMA so don't forget to unDMA it.

    [Guide] Infinite Ammo
    Created by: FoodFx

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