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Legends of Medal of honor:Heores 2.. Never forgotten RiP in piece

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    Post: #1on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:03 am


    Grim R

    Real G4 Life

    The Cave

    That's how I name it.
    this shit is free and cheap and easy to use so yeah....

    I have over 9600 people watching the forum. Fuck Yea .JK.
    and 1 memeber (Me) no one is able to login.
    All the signature, Logo ECT... I'll be adding it there with the slide show.

    I am only using it as a Picture Host since is good.
    So if anyone want to see my work go there and watch the slideshow and maybe some video's that I'll be adding on the future. Determined

    The Home and Gallery button don't do anything so don't try anything funny. creepy onion
    and I add this website as the Facebook and Twitter Page at the end of the page. ME gusta LOL

    nah I was joking.
    about the 9600 PEOPLE!!! troll

    YT: zMaceta
    TW: zMaceta


    Android 24/7

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    Lion Heart

    I don't get it. ME gusta LOL

    Post: #3on Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:50 pm





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    Official Gamertag/PSN Thread

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