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    Yep, this is a tutorial about how to install any version of linux from a usb flash drive or hard drive.

    :WARNING: You will most likely have to format your HDD during this process so If you are not willing to loose all your data make a partition and install it on that partition.

    What you need:

    1. A computer already running any version of Windows or MAC or Linux.

    2. A flash drive or external HDD with a minimum of 1gb of free space.
    (I would not suggest using an external HDD, I smoked mine doing that. Sad)

    The most important part:

    The most important part of this whole process is finding the distro that is right for you.
    Now this is easier said than done because there are so many to choose from.
    I am running Mint 13 because it is very feature packed out of the box.
    But the choice is yours,
    some of the best are Mint, Ubunto, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian, PCLinuxOS.
    But in the end the choice is yours, just make sure that you choose wisely.

    The process:

    Well now that you have your version of linux's iso downloaded you will also need a program called UNetbootIN. You can get it from here.
    Once that is downloaded open it up and tick "Diskimage" and browse for your iso file.

    It should look something like that.

    Now that you have your iso and drive chosen hit ok and let the operation complete.

    Now let me give you a little explanation of what this program does.
    It makes your device bootable.
    I also adds your device to the choice of OS's to boot.

    Once it completes it will prompt you to reboot and do so.
    You will come to a menu that allows you to choose what OS you would like to use.
    Chose UNetbootin.
    If all goes well you will boot into your distro.
    If it didn't work you will be on a screen with letters asking for a command.
    Just type "reboot" and chose windows on start up.
    If it does work then you will be in a live version of your OS.
    This is were you will try it out and if you don't like it find another.
    But yea, you are on your own after this.

    If it didn't work:

    If it didn't work boot back into your regular OS start UNetbootin and it will come up with a "ok" or "cancel" question. Hit ok and it will quit the program. Now go chose a different version of linux or a different version of that distro and repeat the process again.

    If you have any questions or comments post them below.


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    Linux is wieRD!! Laughing

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    I used it once, don't really like lol I only used it for like 2 minutes then installed a fresh version of windows over it shyface

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    Nice tut^^

    I personally use Gentoo linux derrrrpppp


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    Lion Heart

    Bou wrote:Nice tut^^

    I personally use Gentoo linux
    I am on Mint for now.
    I haven't found a distro that really fits me but has as many features yet. Laughing

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