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    Post: #1on Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:48 am


    Master Vader

    This is the $30 Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate from ThinkGeek. It looks like an arcade joystick, but it's not -- it's a light switch. I know -- it was hard for me to grasp at first too. The two buttons make different 'PEW PEW!' sound effects and the actual joystick controls the lights like a regular switch. Alternatively, turn out the lights the same way I do: not paying the electric bill. Come on, all the cool kids junkies are doing it. I'll touch your privates for a fix.

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    smile for you baby

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    WTF!! id rather stick with my regular light switch shyface

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    Master Vader

    It's for the old time gamers ME gusta LOL

    smile for you baby

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