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    Hackers seem to get their comeuppance, even if it takes time for it to happen. Around this time last year, a group known as LulzSec were arguably eclipsing Anonymous's track record for the same period of time. They attacked EVE Online and the Escapist Magazine, Minecraft, Sony Pictures, Nintendo, and a considerable number of other companies. There's a better overview of LulzSec's antics from the very start available here. Strangely, they were insistent they'd never be caught for their actions. Most hackers acknowledge the possibility that something could go wrong, yet LulzSec were adamant that they were just too good to be caught in the act. Since then, some members have been arrested. A second arrest has been made over the Sony Pictures breach, more than a year after Neowin first reported it. The suspect is a 20-year-old from Arizona. Raynaldo Rivera surrendered to authorities in Phoenix, six days after a federal grand jury returned an indictment for conspiracy and unauthorised impairment of a protected computer. The maximum sentence for these crimes could be fifteen years in prison, meaning Rivera could be in his thirties before he could get on with his life. Some of their number have already been arrested. AnonymouSabu, one of the more prominent names in the hacktivist community, was an FBI mole for quite some time. 'Topiary', one of the key figures in LulzSec, was charged by police in the UK. In spite of all the claims LulzSec made about their abilities, the group managed to be caught out. With the number of members arrested or turned against their previous allies, it seems unlikely that the group will ever return. For website administrators out there, you can breath a sigh of relief.

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