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    First I took this from MJKT's Guide and put it in Text and in my own words,so lets go

    Well the first thing you need to know is understanding some things,so lets begin,wait before we do i want to shout out that my knowledge for this is very low as i might have mistakes,but might not

    First off this is a code and how it looks like

    0x00000000 0x00000000

    k First off,the Green part is the Command,the Blue part is they Address,and the Red part is the Value

    Now that you know what a code looks like and the name's of the parts Lets do something else.

    Now in some cheats Devices (Most) you well see this is the searcher

    Find Exact Value
    Find Unknown Value 8 bit
    Find Unknown Value 16 bit
    Find Unknown Value 32 bit

    For now well be Working with ''Find Unknown Value 32 bit''

    Now what is Find Unknown Value 32 bit? Simple if you want to make Example INF HEALTH you would always do Unknown Value,now as far as m knowledge is i think Unknown Value as like we dont know what the value is cause some games have a Health Bar and not Numbers.

    So what your going to do is go to a game that has Health in it.then your going to Click on Search Find Unknown Value 32 bit,now once you click after a moment it well say ''Now Resume game'' now you go back to the game and your going to Losse some health,after you lost some health it well say in the searcher ''Continue to Find Find Unknown Value'' Click on it and these well come up

    4=Inc by
    5=dec by

    Now your going to do ''3=Less'' then search, cause you loosed some health,Less? get it? so then hit ''Search'' now your going to go back to the game but this time Gain some health from a health place or something,after that go back to the cheat device and now select ''2=Greater'' then search, cause you gained Health Get it? so now,you go back to the game again and Walk around or something for like 10 seconds , then go back to the game and this time hit ''0=same'' then search, cause we didn't Loss or gained health,now i want you to keep doing these steps in-tell your search Decreases under 100 or lower maybe even get 1 or 2 the less search results you have,the more Luck you got if the cheat is going to work or not.

    THAT IS ALL FOR Find Unknown Value 32 bit


    Now we are going to learn how to make Inf Ammo,Money etc Lets start

    Now where going to use ''Find Exact Value'' cause we know the Number of the ammo and money etc

    So first if you want to do Inf ammo you go to your Gun see how many Bullets it as save that number in your mind,after that go to ''Find Exact Value'' Now when you click it this well come out

    Value.Hex Value.Dec Value.ASCII Value.Float
    0x00000000 0x00000000 . . . . 0.000000

    you should know those as i stated them at the very top,so there's Value.Hex (Hexadecimal) and there's Value.Dec (Decimal) these are the important ones we need for this hack,so since Dec (Decimal) is normal numbers ( we can just insert the Number of ammo the gun has or anything so in the Value.Dec put you number of ammo you have Example:i have 20 so i put it like this 0x00000020 then search.

    after that where now going to either Loos some ammo or gain you can choose whatever you want depends if your ammo is Full just loss some,after you lost some,go back to the searcher and click on ''Continue to find Exact Value'' now since you lost some Bullets or gained in this Example i lost some so in enter in the Value.Dec like this 0x00000019 that is how much you lost if you lost more then enter the number if you gained same thing,then Search and some cheats well Pop up Test them and see if they work.and your done.

    The same thing goes for Money just enter the amount of money you have then gain or loos some,then enter the amout you lost or gained,then search and test out you cheats.Also you can go and Edit the cheat and type what kind of Number you like,in the Value.Dec ,also to keep Notice dont Touch the Value.Hex it well change by it self once you start with the Value.Dec


    when it comes to Text you can either Change your name,Gun names i suppose etc,so if you want to Example:change your name in MoH2 the first thing you do is go to the game then see the First Four Letters of your username, Example: Juggalo so i go to the searcher and search ''Find Exact Value'' yes again,but this time go to Value.ASCII
    . . . . Now you see ''Four'' Dots Put the First Four Letters Like mine ''Juggalo'' Razz so i put ''Jugg'' then i search after i search some results well show,now go Edit the cheat,and go to Value.ASCII and change one of the letters then get out and see if your name changed if it changed then it works,and thats it


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