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    This is how to add cheats to CWCheat

    I assume already have a compatible CWCHEAT with your psp.

    Plug the psp into the computer

    1. Open CWCHEAT folder and find Cheat.db. Open with Word Pad (it works better than Notepad)

    2. Find the CWcheats you want for your game

    3. Copy the cheats, cheatnames,savedata no. and what game it is. So basically everything.

    4.Paste them to Word Pad and save.

    5.Delete everything else in the CWcheat folder

    6.Rename it Cheat1.db and chuck the CWcheat folder into the seplugins folder at the root of your memory stick.(If you dont have seplugin, make it.)

    7.Now to recovery mode on the psp and make sure in CWcheat is enabled.

    8. Start the game

    9.Hold select for a few seconds

    10.Now go down to that one that says: ( 0;) Cheat Database. Press the right arrow key so it goes to 1 then hit X.

    11.Go up to Enable cheats and hit rhe right arrow key so it goes from ( N) to (Y)

    12. GO to select cheats and selct the cheats you wish to enable.

    return to game and your done

    Hope this helps whom it may concern

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