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    Post: #1on Sun May 13, 2012 7:51 pm


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    Okay, I will think all the tutorials I know to make codes and post it here.
    Some people don't know about making "no HUD", so here's the tutorial.

    no HUD Tutorial
    1. Go to game that you can see the HUD, set "Find Unknown Value - 32 bit".
    2. Press "start" button(to remove the HUD on the screen), search "1=different".
    3. Press "start" button again(to show the HUD on the screen), search "1=different".
    4. Press "start" button twice(the HUD is still showing on the screen), search "0=same".
    5. Keep repeating 2, 3 and 4 to get less results until one.
    6. Done.
    Maybe this tutorial will not work on some games because even while on start menu the HUD is still on the screen(just being overwritten by the start menu), so try to find where the HUD is not being show like when you are dead or res-pawning.


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    Nice bling , pretty sure most of us know this what? anyway good job yay

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