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    Round Toggler (Host Only) [PoptartHunter]
    28200FA0 00008000
    05363F94 XXXXXXXX<----Round number in hex.
    E0000000 80008000

    Intructions on how to use this code:
    -Go to http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexadecimal.html and type in the round you would like to toggle to. Convert it to hex and replace the X's in the code with the hex value you got.
    -Now, go into a zombies match when you are the host, and activate the code by pressing home on the wiimote. Once the round ends, the code will toggle the round to the round you chose.

    For example:
    Round Toggler [PoptartHunter]
    28200FA0 00008000
    05363F94 0000270F <--- The round number is set to 9999 in hex
    E0000000 80008000

    So once the first round ends, it will toggle to round 9999.

    Note: If you choose too high of a round, it will do an infinite loop and just keep restarting the round. I suggest not going to high or else you'll just get the looping round.

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